Lawn mowing



Pay only when the grass needs to be cut
We normally mow our properties as needed. For most of the year that means weekly; however, if your lawn dries up and is not growing much then we skip it and return the following week.
Should you prefer to have your grass cut every two weeks please understand that your lawn will not look its' best and we charge up to 30% more because of the additional load placed on the equipment and the extra time that it takes us.

Professional quality
We follow Cornell Cooperative Extension mowing guidelines for the types of grass in our area including height. It is a common misconception that by cutting lower the frequency can be reduced. Turf experts all agree that is best to mow at about 3". We leave nice, straight lines, make sure that each yard is neatly trimmed and that all hard surfaces are blown clean.

When you sign up for mowing we will inform you which day of the week that you can expect us. We do our very best to stay on schedule despite Mother Nature's challenges. If we have a problem then we'll let you know. Feel free to let us know if your lawn does not need to be cut and we'll check back with you the following week.


In order to provide you with an exact quote for mowing your lawn we would have to see it but, the following guide should be of help. The average Poughkeepsie lawn is around .3 to .5 acres.

.20 to .29 acres = $26 - $32
.30 to
.39 acres = $33 - $38
.40 to .49 acres = $39 - $48
.50 to .75 acres = $49 - $75
.76 to 1 acre = $76 - $96

When we're done with your lawn it will look like this.
Professional operators on professional equipment.
When it's time to cut the grass we're the ones to call.
Clean, neat and professional- just like our service.