driveway sealing



Beautify and protect your driveway with seal coating. The suns rays dry out asphalt which makes it less pliable and prone to cracking. Keep in the oils that maintain flexibility by applying a fresh coat of sealant every two years.

Our detail oriented team will crisply edge the drive way first then clear it of any moss or loose dirt. Next we protect all surfaces that are not to be sealed like garage doors or sidewalks with masking tape or a rubber mat. We then apply a latex based sealer by hand that fills in small cracks and drys to a consistent black finish in 24 hours. Sealing by hand protects your drive way far greater than spray applications.

We schedule this work for August through September when temperatures guarantee fast dry times and there is less risk of rain or inclement weather. Can we add you to the list?


We charge 16 cents per square foot. Additional charge for large crack filling.